Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency
Florida's capital area transportation planning agency



2017 TMA Certification


Question A 2013 TMA Certification

Question B Description of Planning Area               

Question C MPO Boundaries

Question D Organization/Structure

Question E Agreements and Contracts

Question F Regional Coordination

Question G Long Range Transportation Plan

Question G Map-21 Factors

Question H Travel Demand Forecasting

Question I Environment

Question J Transportation Improvement Plan

Question K Unified Planning Work Program

Question L Public Involvement

Question M Title VI and Related Nondiscrimination Requirements

Question N Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

Question O Transit and Transportation Disadvantaged

Question P Bicycle and Pedestrian

Question Q Congestion Management Process (CMP)

Question R List of Obligated Projects

Question S Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Question T Freight Planning

Question U Safety Considerations in the Planning Process

Question V Security Considerations in the Planning Process

Question W DOT/MPO Annual Self Certifications

Question X Requested Documents and Information