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Connections 2040 Regional Mobility Plan

Final Report

The Connections 2040 Regional Mobility Plan kicked-off in March of 2014 and was adopted by the CRTPA Board in November of 2015.  Below are the links to the individual chapters of the Report followed by an Appendix listing. 

Table of Contents

RMP Checklist

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Existing Conditions

Chapter 3 - Multimodal Needs Assessment

Chapter 4 - Prioritization

Chapter 5 - Financial Analysis

Chapter 6 - Recommendations

Chapter 7 - Continued Coordination

Appendix 1 - Public Outreach

Appendix 2 - Existing Conditions

Appendix 3 - StarMetro Transit Development Plan

Appendix 4 - Opportunity, Needs, and Cost Feasible Plans

Appendix 5 - FDOT Revenue Forecast

Appendix 6 - Travel Demand Model

Appendix 7 - CRTPA Board Meetings

Appendix 8 - Air Quality Assessment

Transportation Model

A transportation model was developed in conjunction with the Connections 2040 Regional Mobility Plan (RMP).  Please contact me and I will Dropbox you the files.
  • Model Structure - If you have technical questions or questions regarding the inner workings of the model structure please refer to
  • Cube Voyager Software - If you do not have the Cube Voyager Software package you will not be able to utilize this data to run the transportation model.


The GIS data for the RMP also requires Dropbox for the files.  Please contact me and I will Dropbox you the files.

For more information, please contact Jack Kostrzewa at 891-8625 or