Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency
Florida's capital area transportation planning agency

Regional Mobility Plan

Final Report

The Final Report of the Regional Mobility Plan (RMP) is completed and can be viewed using the link below.  This link includes the entire report which is approximately 43 MB in size.  The file can be downloaded, but be prepared to wait if you want to load it on your browser.  To provide smaller downloads of the document, the individual chapters and include below as well.

Transportation Model

A transportation model was developed in conjunction with the Regional Mobility Plan (RMP).  Below is a link for the RMP transportation models for three time periods.  The first is the Base Year which is the year 2007, a Year 2035 Existing Plus Committed Model, and a Year 2035 Cost Feasible Plan model.  Lastly, these are all in a single zip file that is approximately 4 MB in size.


  • Model Structure - If you have technical questions or questions regarding the inner workings of the model structure please refer to  
  • Cube Voyager Software - If you do not have the Cube Voyager Software package you will not be able to utilize this data to run the transportation model.
  • GIS Information - There have been many requests for the GIS layers/information relating to the Regional Mobility Plan.  However, these files are to large to add to our website at this time.  If you wish to have a copy of this information, please email 

For more information, please contact Jack Kostrzewa at 891-6809 or